Danielle Saint Lot Haiti Women’s Foundation is proud to join the Clean Cooking Alliance and other public and private stakeholders around the globe to launch the “Clean Cooking is …”, a first-of-its-kind campaign and digital activation strategy built to drive greater awareness, engagement, and support for clean cooking.  According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), only 6.3% of Haiti’s population have primary access to clean cooking facilities in 2018, compare to 91,3% in the Dominican Republic and 80.1% in Cuba its neighbor countries.  

Danielle Saint Lot Haiti Women’s Foundation is engage in the Clean Cooking global momentum through its #SmartFanm movement.  “Fanm” in Haitian Creole means “Women”.  This movement aims to empower women through innovation and technology, starting with clean energy!

The movement facilitates women access to modern energies services contributing to Haiti’s target for reducing by 31% its greenhouse gas emission by 2030. It encourages women to substitute charcoal with propane as a cooking solution. Women can influence the adoption of propane gas at both the household and business levels, unleashing their power in the Clean Cooking value chain.

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